Dairy Fly Parasites
Guaranteed Live
Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to the Environment
Shipments on a Weekly Schedule

Eliminate Flies – Prevent Flies – That’s The Goal

Take control now and prevent the outbreaks of June, July and August. With your fly parasite order – you will receive 14 shipments for the price of 12. The first shipment will be DOUBLED for immediate impact!

# of Cows - count
Estimated Parasites
Per Shipment
Price includes 14 shipments
For The Price of 12
June To September
Less than 25 1 unit/10,000 J1 $416
25-49 1-1/2 units/15,000 J2 $542
50-99 2 units/20,000 J3 $668
100-149 3 units/30,000 J4 $932
150-199 4 units/40,000 J5 $1,147
200-299 6 units/60,000 J6 $1,474
300-399 8 units/80,000 J7 $1,814
400-499 10 units/100,000 J8 $2,079
500-749 12 units/120,000 J9 $2,344
750-999 15 units/150,000 J10 $2,898
1000-1499 20 units/200,000 J11 $3,591
1500-1999 25 units/250,000 J12 $4,410
2000-2999 30 units/300,000 J13 $5,191
3000-4999 40 units/400,000 J14 $6,950
5,000 or more Call for Pricing

You are getting 14 shipments for the price of 12 which includes a double shipment to start. This special reduces the price and provides impact needed now. Guaranteed live. Order soonfor quicker results.

  • Guaranteed the best prices.
  • Plans are designed and shipped to cover your full fly season.
  • Guaranteed live shipments.
  • We can customize a different plan for your farms needs if desired.

Additional Fly Control

If you have flies on the premises or flies coming up to the house or flies aggravating the neighbors used Cedar Fly Traps. These traps catch thousands of flies and are designed for outside use only in the sun, last all season and many years after that. Order a couple and keep flies from the house.

If you want your inside premises clear of annoying flies order a zapper or two. Plug it in and it just keeps zapping. Low maintenance, high results and keeps zapping.