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Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
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Our Fly Control for Dairy Farms Features Three Products

  • Start with a fly parasite Plan. It is basic to fly control.
  • Add some cedar fly traps that take out existing flies and help fly parasites take over.
  • Have an electronic zapper or two or three for inside fly control - they keep on zapping!

The Best Fly is a Dead Fly. Even Better Is No Fly.

Every dairy farm knows flies develop each year from moist organic materials such as manure, wet feed areas, compost and even grass clippings. And if unchecked the flies will multiply dramatically and negatively effect milk production.

A Word About Fly Parasites

Fly parasites are a beneficial insect that destroys fly larva at the pupa stage.

The reason this happens is that when the female fly parasite hatches, she must feed and reproduce. To do that she seeks out fly pupa (fly eggs) and stings them when she lays her eggs inside the pupa shell. This process kills the developing fly. She will sting several pupa. The eggs she has laid in the pupa will hatch and the new female fly parasite will begin the process over again thus enhancing the process of continuing fly control. The fly parasites will colonize and take control

If you have never used fly parasites, they are nature’s way of controlling flies. First discovered in poultry houses over 40 years ago, these beneficial insects only source of food and reproduction is fly pupa (fly eggs). They are tiny pinhead sized insects. The female fly parasite will sting fly pupa and also lay their eggs in the pupa. This process destroys the fly so it never emerges. Adding fly parasite periodically along with their ability to reproduce provides the control you need.

Choose the plan best for you. Choose the best plan for you and go heavy if you can. More is always better. If you have other animals count them also when making your determination. We also have plans for poultry and other farms.

Start early. Flies start with a few and then lay eggs. One fly can lay 500 eggs or more and soon 100 flies can be 10,000 and then 1,000,000. There is a famous saying for every fly eliminated in May could mean 1,000 less in July and August. Starting early prevents this.

The fly parasite method is the safest. No warning labels required, approved for organic farms and introduces no poisons or chemical to your farm.

Do Fly Parasites Really Work? This is the question most asked by our potential customers. The answer is YES!

Here are three proven reasons:

All living things including insects, birds and all other animals need nutrients to survive. A fly parasite is no different and their only nutrient comes from stinging and killing fly larva therefore if you have larva and you disperse fly parasites they will seek out and kill the fly larva.

We only specialize in Fly Control Products. Our business has increased by triple over the last 5 years. "Proof is in the pudding" and that growth is based on strong renewals from farms that have had good results.

Quotes from new customers:

"I wished I would have known and used these years ago" - DE
"Every farm should use these" - WI
"This is a product that really works" - PA